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Bossy is not a bad thing.

Welcome back ! It has been a while since I have written, so much has been going on. I recently had a little thought pop up in my head that I have been wanting to share with you. This little thought about the word, “bossy”.

I have always been called “bossy”. Friends and family who know me, regularly use this when describing my personality. I know they don’t mean no harm by it, I know myself that it is a part of whom I am and I accept that. Personally, I see the word “bossy” to describe someone who is confident in assuming a leadership role, that will not back down for nothing and no one. This word is often used and directed towards young girls and women, who are direct and sure in what they want or how they want things to be done. But I want to ask you, with what do you link the word “bossy” to? Do you see it as a negative or a positive form of expression?

Nowadays with the huge impact of social media in our lives, we are constantly comparing. We compare our children with other children, our bodies with celebrities or just our own lives with others. We are labelling everything even the people in our lives.

Most of you would probably come to realize that the word “bossy” has a negative connotation. As grown-ups, when someone calls you bossy, we don’t always see this as a good thing. No matter whether we are kids or adults, we have an innate desire to be appreciated by our peers. We crave that acceptance and approval from all of those who are in our lives. This all begins from the moments of our childhood.

When using the word “bossy”, especially when it is directed towards a child, it is very important you realise the tone of your voice. Though they may not always mention it, children easily pick up in the slightest changes in your behaviour. Therefore, if you are persistently calling them bossy, without paying attention to the tone of your voice, children will automatically begin to connect this word with negative action, that they were doing something wrong. When a label is placed on a child enough times, the child will eventually believe it is who they are.

Labelling children is one of the worst things that you could possibly do to them. You, are unknowingly, trapping them in this four walled box, leading your child to believe that this is the person they are, this is how the world perceives them. Labelling children is not beneficial for neither the parents or children, moreover, it does not inform anyone how they should change for the better. Of course, it is never too late for change. You can, in fact, use labelling for the positive. Use these labels for when the child is doing something great, using these labels healthily so that they can build up their identity positively. If you can make the change in your own behaviour, by paying attention to these little things, in the long run, it will prove itself to have been beneficial.

It sounds interesting right? I want to hear your thoughts on the word "bossy". Let me know!

For the Kids

FG Child

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