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I have dreams and goals too

Hello dear reader,

Before we start, I have a question for you. I want you to take yourself back to the time when you were only a few years old. You’re around six or eight years old. Someone asks you who you want to be when you’re older. Your replies probably looked like:

- I want to be an astronaut.

- A cowboy

- A singer.

- A princess.

- I want to be a deep-sea diver.

- A magician.

You never limited yourself as to what you wanted to be. There were endless possibilities to where your future career could lie. You probably remember your parents laughing, thinking your choice of career at that age was adorable. Eventually as you grew older, and society began modelling you into the “perfect citizen” your career goals became more “realistic” as people like to say. You went from wishing to be an astronaut to becoming an accountant, or from a magician to working as a publicist. Much more realistic jobs were chosen to be able to live a realistic life. Of course, there are those who have known since day one who they were going to be when they were older, and managed to achieve that dream, but these types of people rarely come by. I am not saying that you were wrong for choosing a different career, of course it is more likely to become a real estate agent, for example, than a princess. But this isn’t what I want to talk to you about. I want to talk to you about that feeling you had as a kid, when someone asked you what you wanted to be, and with wonder in your eyes and excitement in your heart, you managed to respond them. I want to talk to you about that feeling.

As a kid, the realities of the world around doesn’t seem to bother us, until we eventually go out there on our own. The world for adults is full of bills, work, commitments and big scary adult things. For a kid, it is a jungle waiting to be explored. We believe that anything is achievable and nothing can stop us. Kids manage to avoid being clustered into societies expectations of a citizen, and have wild dreams about what they want to do. When we are younger of course our dreams are still based on fantasy, with princesses, knights, warriors etc. With age a child begins to understand the difference between fantasy and reality, but our dreams are still as big as our hearts, and the wonder is still there. What I want to tell you parents, as a child myself, to support your child. I understand you may think their dream may be hard to achieve or may not be enough to sustain a life on their own, but that is not the point. For us, dreams are what keeps us going, it is the reason as to why we are here on this earth.

The worst thing for us to hear as kids, is that our dream is impossible or stupid, from those we love the most. It completely kills our confidence and the drive in us to stand out from the masses. I am not saying you as a parent must drop everything and give your all for your child to achieve what they want, even though it may be difficult. All we need to know is that we have your full support. Maybe sit with your child, talk about what they want to do and from your experience, offer advice as to how to make this dream a reality. Just because your child’s dreams may be different than what you have planned for them, doesn’t mean they are worth any less than your own dreams a few years ago. It’s not much we ask for as kids. Just to hear the words “You can do it, I believe in you,” means so much to us and it pushes us even further to actually achieving them. So next time your little girl or boy tells you want they want to be, tell them that the possibilities are endless and whatever their heart desires they can achieve with you standing there supporting them all the way.

For the Kids

FG Child

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