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It’s raining and I’m stuck inside

Welcome back dear reader!

Let me share something with you today. I hate rain. I hate it when the day suddenly turns dark with the clouds, when thunder begins crashing in the distance and the rain starts pouring down. Some people may find this relaxing and say that rainy days are the best, but not this FG child. You want to know the reason as to why I hate rain? It’s because if it is raining outside, that means I am stuck inside!

In the beginning it may be quite fun as I will be able to distract myself. Doing random things here and there, to keep myself busy. But there comes an hour where I slowly begin to run out of things to do while in the house, where boredom starts to take over and I become a zombie, just watching each water droplet fall to the ground, as I stare out of my window, imagining the day I could’ve had outside if only it did not rain! What happens us kids when we become bored? I think any mum or dad will be able to answer that. A bored child means a naughty child. We get so bored, that we let our mischievous side take control, and this is where things tend to get a bit high strung. We probably would start annoying our parents or siblings. Make a mess. Try something new that we know isn’t the best thing to be doing at the present time, but we still do it, and it is all because we are bored! Adding that little bit of mischief makes things more interesting for us, but on the other hand we do tend to get in a bit of trouble with our parents. After all, they probably were trying to relax on this rainy day.

So, to whoever may be reading this, here’s my advice. To avoid complete chaos in your house or your mum from losing her head due to the madness on a rainy day here is what you should do. I know that rainy days can suck sometimes, but trust me when you spend them together with your family, you eventually forget that it was even raining in the first place. From my own experience, I loved to play board games with my family, cook with my siblings, or even sit down all together at the sofa and watch a movie whenever we had a rainy day. Spending that time with them not only makes you completely forget about your boredom and the rain outside, but you create such memories with those you love. And trust me, that is what you’re going to end up remembering forever…

For the Kids

FG Child

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