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Superheros or Human?

I think I can speak for most kids when I say, that growing up we would look at our mum’s or dad’s and see them as the most powerful beings in our lives. Dads would have this immense strength, he could fight any of the monsters hiding in our closets, lift us on his shoulders to protect us from the ground below, always there watching our backs. Mums would have magical healing powers, no matter how deep the gash was or how painful the scrape, as soon as Mum put her hands over it and a kiss on the cheek, it would all go away. When the two of them teamed up, they were unstoppable, and us as kids felt we could do anything with them behind us.

That’s the wonder of being a kid, you see the world through these curious, wonderous eyes. Bright colours, music, smells enticing you constantly. But for some reason, over time as we grow up, those eyes begin to lose that spark. The bright colours don’t seem that bright anymore, there is no longer any music playing, but the sounds of the daily bustle of human life, and the only smell wafting in the air is the garbage truck driving past. We allow that spark of life to fade away.

Dads seem to always be tired or too busy to fight away the monsters in your closets. Mums are distracted with work, so much so they sometimes don’t see you fall, and you have to pick yourself up. That superhero light that you once saw around them begins to fade, and before you are two mere humans. These two humans seem different, sometimes they even will shout at each other, and the child sits on the step wishing for their superhero parents to fly back and lift them back into their arms.

Let me be clear. I am not saying that all parents aren’t superhero’s, quite the opposite, being a parent is the hardest job in the world and they really deserve all the credit. What I want to underline, is that there comes a point in every child’s life where they realise, that their parents are just the same as them. They are human. They’re feelings and emotions are just as valid as your own.

What’s important about learning this lesson is that you remember to never let the dullness completely takeover, bring that spark that you had as a child back. Yes of course Mum and Dad may seem a bit different to who they once were, but that doesn’t mean that the memories would ever fade or that new ones can’t be made.

It’s a hard moment but it’s true. When I learned this about my own parents it made me see things from a completely different perspective. It’s simply another stage of growing up and becoming your own person…

For the Kids

FG Child

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