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You’ve probably seen the vlogs, the Youtube Channel and most recently listened to the podcasts all about childcare from FlowerGirl Setting. Those who know FG personally have most likely used the setting one time or another. I want to ask you what you think all of these projects have in common? Your most obvious answer would be childcare, but what if I told you that you were wrong. This could be an answer of course, but it is not the one I am looking for. The actual answer is, all these tips and advices are given from an adult’s perspective. Parents always go to professionals or people more experienced than them, when it comes to advice on their own children. They immediately panic and turn to someone else, hoping they will tell them what to do in an uncertain situation. But what if I told you that this is where we are all making the mistake. There is not a professional in the world who can give you the most precise answer as to how they feel or what they want, than the child them self.

Children’s opinions are often overlooked, as they are either too young to understand or don’t know what is happening, according to the parents. But what if I told you that children know exactly what is going on, and they observe a lot more than we as adults do. And this is where I introduce to you this new project. Yes, it will still be about childcare, tips, advice or just answering some questions you may have, but there will be a different spin on it. For this in fact is not written by me as FG but by one of FG’s own children. Any topic that shall be discussed, will be looked at from the child’s perspective. How they feel about it all and how they wish for it to be resolved. You may be questioning this idea, wondering how a child can give you better advice than a professional. Think of it this way, when you are feeling upset or angry about a certain situation and someone asks you how you’re feeling, who is going to answer the question better, a random stranger who just so has happened to have written 100 books about handling emotions or your own self? Naturally some of you may reply that the professional would have the correct answer but all that differs you from them, is that they just so happened to write a few books or film a few videos. If all of that was stripped away they would be pretty much the same as you. So, give this idea a chance. Maybe allow the kids to speak up for themselves, and stay tuned, because there will be more coming…

For the Kids

FG Child

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